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The Pop Up Shop Saves Brick and Mortar

August 11, 2017

If you’re reading the news this week, you’ve been bombarded with content that threatens the end of retail as we know it. This is nothing new. E-commerce is making its victory lap around brick and mortar, leaving the old guard of established retailers sitting on a bloated real estate investment that is weighing them down in the race against nimble direct to consumer businesses. But is brick and mortar dead?

We think not.

It is easy to assume that e-retail is the future of commerce, but a mind-boggling 90% of retail sales in the U.S come from brick-and-mortar stores. This is proof that the brick-and-mortar isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, simply having a physical location isn’t enough these days.

Traditional brick-and-mortar is evolving into something entirely different. More brands are shifting resources to temporary pop up shops, rather than committing to a 10 year commercial lease that offers them no flexibility or versatility. Temporary brick-and-mortar can offer your business mobility, greater marketing opportunity, and most importantly, cheaper costs in the long run.

Gap’s Share Your Gift pop up allowed the brand to experiment
without the burden of scale.

No matter the ease of online transaction, people crave experience. They want to taste, touch, smell, and sample products the way they always have, but they want the experience to feel bespoke. When brands allow real human people to engage with their product in a way that feels exclusive, special and interactive, you’ve made them an insider – and now they cannot help but share. Develop an army of brand ambassadors within a controlled and branded environment that is designed for Snap and Gram – because the most powerful impression of all comes from the one you know.


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