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How space in the raw is redefining ‘raw’ within the fashion community

March 14, 2018

As designers make more experiential and elaborate shows, venues need to evolve as well. Traditional venues are just too limited for the kind of statement that the most modern, trailblazing designers aim for in their shows. Because of the versatility and uniqueness that are inherent in raw spaces, they are the natural choice for the future of fashion.

Major voices in Fashion are recognizing this trend. Vogue recently highlighted Joseph Abboud’s Fall 2018 show, which was held in the abandoned Hotel Wolcott Ballroom. The whole first paragraph of the article described the history of the venue he chose, which was both the site of Mayor La Guardia’s inaugural ball and where people rescued from the Titanic were housed after they were rescued. The unique and interesting site he found through Space in the Raw added to the overall impact of the show and was a perfect setting for a designer who is known for his contemporary suits that draw inspiration from classic formal menswear. In addition to providing a more specialized location, raw spaces add interest to every aspect of a show. Rather than a bland backstage area, even the behind-the-scenes photos from the Abboud show had an elegant backdrop that made them especially photo-worthy.

Women’s’ Wear Daily (WWD) had a feature article on Carolina Herrera’s unique setting in the meatpacking district for her Fashion Week 2017 show. Carolina Herrera has dressed first ladies, British royalty, and Hollywood stars and is known for her inspired designs. She worked with the Space in the Raw team to do something new for her Fashion Week 2017 show. She wanted to find a venue that would set her show apart from the many other shows during New York Fashion Week and SITR delivered with an abandoned warehouse in the meatpacking district that WWD called “a raw yet refined space.”

Conventional spaces just don’t have the same feel that raw spaces do. For modern, edgy designers, raw space is the natural choice to create an ambiance that will properly capture the spirit of their collection. Raf Simons, another star of New York Fashion Week: Men’s, is well known for using raw space to create the industrial, underground club backdrop his clothes necessitate. The settings he chooses set off his collections and create a complete experience for all who attend his shows.

Raw spaces are an especially fitting choice for non-traditional shows and exhibitions. Sally LaPointe created a show with life-sized screens displaying GIFs of models and mannequins wearing the clothes instead of typical live models to show off her new line. The SITR team found her a perfect space to host her distinctive event to give it both an intimate and fresh feel.

Raw space allows designers to incorporate the space itself into their artistic vision for their shows and create ambitious, elaborate shows on a larger scale than would be otherwise possible. Because these spaces are not traditional event spaces, designers can choose a space that fits their aesthetic and adapt it to fit their show perfectly with full creative control over the space. This takes the show to an experiential level that can’t be achieved in a typical site.

Space in the Raw specializes in finding a one-of-a-kind venue that will be the perfect background for your show. The SITR team has worked with many designers to make one-of-a-kind shows that have wowed the fashion world. Let us help you with your next event!