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A Range of Raw; Inventory that Spans from New Developments to Refined Finished Space

March 14, 2018

Space in the Raw has an extensive collection of property listings ranging from empty storefronts in prime locations to penthouse apartments with a view. Each property is unique and can be adapted to fit the needs of your event. With such a large variety, you can find something that will complement the themes and mission of your event in a way that typical venues just can’t match.


Raw space comes in many forms. Some raw spaces are vacant properties like former offices, storefronts, or retail space. Others may be abandoned buildings like warehouses, hotels, or old churches. Non-traditional spaces, such as rooftops, are also considered raw space. Whatever you are looking for, SITR can help you find it.


Net-a-porter x Chloe hired SITR to find them the perfect place to launch their summer capsule collection. Vogue Italia covered the “summer to remember” party and WWD gushed over the creative choice of a backyard party at a hip townhouse in Greenwich Village. The small, intimate feel of the townhouse with live music on the back patio gave the debut of the limited edition collection an exclusive feel.


No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit dedicated to ending child hunger in America, was delighted with the huge penthouse in the financial district SITR found for them. The event was a huge success and, as they posted on Facebook, “The perfect event starts with the perfect space. Thank you Space in the Raw for giving us a home for NYC’s Taste of the Nation for three years running”


Frito-Lay wanted to do something “really big to make a statement” in a location that would “get a lot of attention” for the launch of their new “Smile with Lay’s” campaign. SITR was able to help Frito-Lay find the perfect space for their massive experiential pop-up event in the heart of Times Square. The space allowed them to have multiple experience stations spread out across different rooms to create the effect of an “oversized play space.”


Because raw space encompasses such a large variety of spaces, it is important to understand the property’s current state and what amenities it includes. Raw space includes a spectrum of properties from just finished construction to vacant private residences and everything in between. Two terms used to categorize raw space are bare space and full-functioning space.


For the most raw-feeling space, you may find yourself with what we call bare space. This space may not have much in terms of infrastructure, but we can provide everything you need! The SITR Operations Department can bring in power, HVAC, and bathrooms to make sure your space has a unique, raw feel, but includes all the modern conveniences to keep your guests comfortable.


In contrast, full-functioning space already comes equipped with power, HVAC, and bathrooms. The SITR team will be your intermediary with the property owner to help them understand any changes or adaptations desired and make sure to secure the owner’s approval so that your vision can be fully realized.


We can find you a space that is perfectly suited to your event, whatever you are planning. Browse our large selection of properties to find a raw space for your next event!

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