Our Spaces:

Uniquely, Space In The Raw competes with other industries across a broad range; established event spaces, co-working spaces and online booking sites.  Where we differ is the ability to negotiate with non-event oriented landlords and offer our clients vetted spaces with accurate specs.  This means the ability to execute the confirmation on out-of-the-box venue options with lightening-fast speed resulting in increased revenue for brands. 

One thing is for sure, event spaces get old and tired.  Space In The Raw has its finger directly on the pulse of the local real estate market, not just the event market.  From temporary office to pop-up stores, why would you look elsewhere?


Services Included:

We will supply you with an exclusive list of properties to choose from.

We'll handle all
contracts, permits and insurance needed for your event.

From load-in to load-out, SITR will be
your go-to venue contact.



- Temporary Permit of Assembly

- Open Flame Permit

- Temporary Liquor Permit


- Highly Qualified Security Guards

- Fire Marshals 

- Venue Managers